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A triple bottom line Company fighting for our future by uplifting families out of poverty and eliminating one of the largest sources of air pollution in the world.


For People, Planet, and Profit.

GerWeiss was founded in 2008 by husband and wife tandem, Gerard and Edelweiss Villoria to combat the growing threat of Climate Change after they were inspired by the film, "An Inconvenient Truth".

Over 10 years and many prototypes later, Gerard and Edelweiss' vision birthed the electric vehicle industry in the Philippines and have eliminated over ~2000 tons of GHG to date by replacing the traditional gas tricycles (tuktuks) with Electric.


Recognition and Accolades


UN Powering the Future We Want Energy Grant - Finalist


In 2016, GerWeiss was a finalist in the UN DESA's Powering the Future We Want Energy Grant.

USAID - Grant Receiver


In 2015, GerWeiss received a technical grant to assist with their expanding operation on Boracay Island.

Asian Development Bank - Pilot Developer


In 2011, GerWeiss designed and piloted the vehicles that served as Asian Development Bank's model and basis for the approval of a $500M e-trike loan.

United Nations SDG7 Conference


In 2018, GerWeiss was sponsored to attend the UN SDG7 Conference in Bangkok as an example of Good Practices.

SLUSH45 Startup Contest

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In 2017, GerWeiss was a finalist in the Slush45 Startup Pitch Contest selected out of 600 different companies internationally.

IIX-Shujog Impact Study


In 2016, GerWeiss partnered with IIX-Shujog for a feasibility impact study to assist with raising investment for their ecosystem.




In 2015, GerWeiss generated international interest through crowdfunding site LendAHand.

BPI BANKO Partnership


In 2015, GerWeiss secured the first partnership for e-trike financing through BPI-Globe BanKO.



In 2014, GerWeiss partnered with ENERDEL to supply their advanced lithium ion battery packs. 


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We'd love to work with you. For questions or inquiries feel free to write us at
gerard@gerweiss.com // gabby@gerweiss.com

whatsapp: +63 949 632 9717

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